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History of Excel - Excel chronology

Many of us use Excel office in our daily work, but the current version that we use has been made possible thanks to the efforts and ingenuity of many mathematicians and programmers throughout the story, what is the origin of the electronic spreadsheets?, what was the first application for electronic spreadsheets?, what was the first version of Excel?, these questions will try to answer in the following article about the history of Excel.

This article explains the origins, history and chronology of the electronic spreadsheets and famous application of Microsoft Excel.

  • Old history - The first spreadsheet was born with the development of writing and mathematics where the information is collected in an orderly and clear way.

  • 1846 - Agustus Morgan nineteenth century mathematician introduced an array (rows and columns) for use in financial accounting, laying the foundations of the main structure of spreadsheet cell.

  • 1952 - Appears the first time the term spreadsheet written in a dictionary, the dictionary of Kohler was the first book to name spreadsheet.

  • 1960 - Richard Mattesich raised and laid the groundwork for the computerization of the spreadsheets.

  • 1969 - Pardo and Landau developed the basic algorithms for the creation and programming of electronic spreadsheets, they developed the LANPAR language that was used by companies such as General Motors, AT & T, etc. .. in order to do electronic budgets.

  • 1978 - Daniel Singer Bricklin developed the first prototype of VisiCalc programmed on the Apple operating system. VisiCalc is considered the first electronic spreadsheet successfully developed and implemented on personal computers.

  • 1979 - Bricklin decided to promote the first prototype of VisiCalc, for it creates the company Software Arts Corporation with Bob Frankston, both released the first version of VisiCalc for the Apple 2 computer at a price of $ 100 in this first version of the electronic spreadsheet is compound by a total of 20 rows and 4 columns.

  • 1982 - The Microsoft Bill Gates' company develops Multiplan an electronic spreadsheet as an alternative to VisCalc, Multiplan be the basis for developing the Excel spreadsheet.

  • 1983 - Launches to the market the Lotus 1-2-3 software, an electronic spreadsheet compatible with IBM computers and MS-Dos operating system, its success moved from VisiCalc market given the ability to generate graphs and the possibility of using predefined functions and ease of use by having a menu at the top of the screen. Later in Lotus 123 version 2.0 will include programming and automation of spreadsheets using macros.

  • 1985 - Launched the first version of Excel, which was developed by Microsoft for the Apple Macintosh, this first version drop-down menus are available as well as the possibility of using the mouse, ease of use was the reason so many people and companies decided to buy a Macintosh to use Excel as a calculation tool.

  • 1987 - Birth of a new Excel 2.0 version of the famous electronic spreadsheet developed for Windows 2.0, the success of the Microsoft office software moves and deletes to other electronic spreadsheets such as Lotus 1-2-3


Excel chronology

From this year, Microsoft periodically releases new versions of Excel, improving the characteristics and management of most widely used spreadsheet in all times:

  • In Excel 3.0 adds the toolbar to create graphics, also includes the Solver tool for calculation and optimization of equations.

  • In Excel 4.0 includes the first set of basic functions as statistical, financial and engineering, expanding the use of spreadsheets to other branches of science.

  • In the Excel version 5.0 introduces the concept of the workbook, each book contains a limited number of spreadsheets.

  • In 1995 he releases version 7.0 also known as Excel 95, this new version provides the basis for the graphical environment of the current versions of Excel.

  • Communication with the Internet and networking with Excel will definitely come with Excel Version 9.0

  • In version 12.0, and with the release of Office 2007 completely changed the graphic environment of Excel, adding the so-called "Rubbon" at the top of the spreadsheet.


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