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What is Excel, under this set of words we have called this website, which aims to be a way to explain the use and advantages of the powerful electronic spreadsheet Excel, and explain examples and applications that will facilitate our daily work. Using the web name, the first thing that we will do is explain what is Excel.

Excel is a tool belonging to the office suite of software called electronic spreadsheet, in that electronic spreadsheet you can write, store, manipulate, calculate and organize any type of text or numeric information.

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet developed by Microsoft that is in the package of tools applications called Office, the Excel software office spreadsheet is the electronic spreadsheet most extended and used on a global level, today's any work of an engineer, financial, mathematical, physical or accounting would be very different without the Excel spreadsheet application.

An electronic spreadsheet is defined as computer software that contains columns, rows and cells, where the intersection of columns and rows are the cells, within each cell is the place where we can write any kind of information or data that later will be treated, each cell it’s unique in the entire spreadsheet.

The main advantage of using electronic spreadsheets is that it is possible to interconnect a cell with others through the use of functions, rules or formulas, so that when the value of one cell change, the electronic spreadsheet will automatically recalculate and update the values of the other cells. This advantage was the origin and the basis for advancing about the development of the electronic spreadsheets, because once in the absence of such a tool, the work to recalculate different scenarios for a mathematical, physical or financial model was represent an enormous effort, time and the risk of falling into an error during the calculation. This problem was solved through the development and use of electronic spreadsheets which to change any value of the model in less than 1 second without error recalculates the entire model by providing a completely reliable result.

The main advantage of Excel is its versatility and functionality when you are doing any type of model, With Excel we can generate Excel spreadsheet for calculation and design of civil structures, management and control of a company tool, management and stock control of a warehouse, mathematical modelers, database management, invoice generation, project planning, etc .... A wide range of possibilities can be covered using the Excel software.

Throughout history the Excel software has evolved and improved since the first version of Excel launched in 1985 for Apple computers to the latest version available today, the program has evolved to meet the needs of users.

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