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Excel easter eggs - Excel hidden games

Easter Eggs in Excel are called the set of hidden games that has incorporated the Microsoft Excel application throughout its history thanks to the inventiveness of the various developers who have contributed to the development of various versions of Excel, access to these easter eggs or hidden games is only possible by performing a series of steps.

3 were the versions of Excel which included the famous easter eggs or Excel hidden games, the first time of these hidden games were launched in Excel version 7.0 or Excel 95, the following two versions of the famous electronic spreadsheet calculation would include two separate hidden games.

This article compiles and explains the necessary steps to execute the hidden games or the easter eggs that come with various versions of Excel office application.

The Doom of Excel 95

Within the Excel version 7.0 known as Excel 95, is an easter egg developed by programmers at the time, thanks to this easter egg can play a sort of Doom in our spreadsheets, so we must make  the following steps:

If you follow these steps you will see a window named "The hall of tourtured souls" , where using the arrow keys move you along a 3-dimensional environment based in the popular game Doom.

Within the game if you head up the stairs and you turn around you'll see a grid white wall, writes EXCELKFA and the wall will disappear, walk over the zigzag way and  reach to the famous hall of tortured souls, where you can see pictures of some of the developers of office 95.

If you can not walk the zigzag road to enter the hall of tortured souls and see pictures of the developers of office 95, can use the following trick, just enter the game starts to turn the character using the up arrow key and right arrow key, suddenly you jump out the window and you'll find outside the building, go to the side of the building and you will find the image is in the hall of tortured souls and the name of the developers.

Many internet users have written about the significance of this game, some defending the theory of demonstration and exhibition by Bill Gates as the antichrist, others explain the hard work and stress that was placed on developers of Office 95 under the direct supervision of Bill Gates and others simply see it as an application that was developed by Microsoft as part of the marketing strategy of Excel 95.

The reality is that today does not know the meaning and origin of this curious easter egg in Excel 95.

The flight simulator in Excel 97

The next Excel easter egg, is found in the Excel version 8.0 known as Excel 97, this version contain a hidden flight simulator, to enjoy this game you have to perform the following steps:

Automatically it will appear a new screen where you fly with the mouse over the mountains like a flight simulator, in one of the mountains you will find a projection showing the names of the developers of Excel 97

As expected, after the easter eggs embedded in prior versions, the version known as Excel 2000 also incorporated a new hidden game, this time it was a car racing game called "Dev Hunter.

To play Dev Hunter is necessary to follow the following steps:

Automatically it will appear the car racing game Dev Hunter, where you can read printed on the highway the name of the developers of Excel 2000, to play Dev Hunter uses the following keys:

The later versions of Excel are no longer include the famous Excel easter eggs, we hope that developers of following versions use the most of his inventive and mischievous to include these hidden games that make it fun and friendly the Microsoft Excel application.